About Us

Cutting Edge Designs manufacture high-quality 3D & 2D routed components and various panel products in a large range of different materials. Coming from a mechanical engineering background we have over 17 years experience in CNC Routing and design, we understand the importance of precision, quick turnaround and a fair price. We pride ourselves on having an excellence working relationship with all our customers
Our workshop contains 3 CNC Routers a fully automatic large format beam saw a melemine press and variuos other production and printing equipment, We have the capability to produce small simple cut out lettering and logos in 2D through to intricate 3d carvings.
We can produce bespoke prototypes or thousands for multiple runs. All our data is archived so if you ever need a repeat order be it a week, month or even a year later, we can quickly and easily recall your file.
( Please check our applications page for more details.)
Listed in the YFS business directory in the CNC Machining Newry category