What is CNC Routing?

CNC Routing is a powerful overhead router moving under computer control to cut and profile sheet materials laid on a bed surface.

How is the material held?

There are two options here 1. Is a powerful vacuum pump which sucks the material the bed surface preventing movement.2. Is the use of mechanical clamps to hold the material in place

Whats the advantage of computer controlled routers?

Accuracy and repeatability for a start .The router has a tolerance of +- 0.05mm so multiple components will be exactly the same.

How does the router know what directions to move?

Its all drawn on computer aided design (CAD) software. The shape to be cut is laid out in the software and tool paths are applied by the user, this is then sent to the router which tells it how to move.

What about last minute modification to the design?

Changes to the oringal design can normally be made quickly and easily, prototypes can be produced for approval prior to cutting batch runs.

So the advantages of using cnc router compared with a hand router are clear cut.

Literally exactly! The batch run will cut much more quickly and will be extremely accurate. Holes ploughs and rebates will be cut with pin point precision ending the need for tedious marking out and circles and ellipses will all have perfect curves .

How do we get are parts cut?

most of our clients send us cad files of the components they want machined the main file types we use are(A.I, EPS, PLT, DXF, DWG) it does not matter really what file type you send us we have a lot of software that can access your drawings.

What if we do not have CAD drawings?

If this is the case we can supply you with a cad drawing service .Simply fax or email us a sketch of the component with its measurements and we will draw it for you,

for more information please email or phone us we will be glad to help.