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Game of Thrones Doors

Game of thrones doors : The Story Cutting Edge Designs was contracted by advertising agency Publicis London to machine 10 intricately designed wooden doors for Tourism Ireland, working in collaboration with HBO for the sixth season of their hit television series Game of Thrones. The Doors of Thrones where part of a global tourism campaign … Continue reading “Game of Thrones Doors”

signage letters

Signage Letters

Signage letter types , materials and how they are made At cutting edge designs we make all sorts of signage letters from simple flat cut letters to beautiful hand craft channel & carved letters and , we use a vast range of materials some listed below , we can also apply specialist colours to any … Continue reading "Signage Letters"

CNC Letters and Totem sign

CNC letters and totem sign. We were asked by a local sign company to help manufacture the totem sign plus a number of Aluminium composite letters . The process for the external letters Quite a simple one we were supplied A CAD File ( Computer Aided Design ) from the sign company we checked over … Continue reading "CNC Letters and Totem sign"

CNC Celtic Fireplace Engravings

We were asked by a local fireplace manufacture if we could produce a range of celtic engraved legs , centre pieces and shoulder blocks for a new style of fireplace surround they wanted to make .   The Meeting We meet with the owner and production manager and ran through what they were wanting to … Continue reading "CNC Celtic Fireplace Engravings"

CNC Machined Acrylic clocks

Acrylic clocksWe designed a range of acrylic clocks for an online shop with the sole purpose of them being customized either with a printed image or engraved text , each clock was designed to specific measurements via composer ( a vector drawing program) once we created the basic outline of the clock we added in … Continue reading “CNC Machined Acrylic clocks”

Birch Plywood Christmas Trees

            Birch Plywood Christmas Trees : Job spec We where asked to produce a number of birch plywood Christmas trees for a event company , the tress we made in 2 sizes one 8 ft high and one 4 ft high . All the trees we to be produced in high quality 18mm … Continue reading “Birch Plywood Christmas Trees”

cnc cut painted signage letters

3d letters – Spraying Signage letters

                            I thought i would write this blog to highlight the amount of work that goes into spraying typical 3d letters used for signage , we have found over the years that people simply do not understand the amount of time and labour … Continue reading “3d letters – Spraying Signage letters”

Guinness channel letters

Guinness Brewery Built up Letters

                            We were asked to manufacture the new signage letters for the Guinness brewery in central Dublin,  the letters where approx 2 meters high and the harp logo was about 3 meters in height, The letter spec All the letters and logo had … Continue reading “Guinness Brewery Built up Letters”

Cutting edge designs acrylic fab

Acrylic Fabrication for Ferrari

We were asked to produce a number of bespoke acrylic fabricated sections for the new Ferrari garage in Belfast in conjunction with a local sign firm , these acrylic components where to be housed in the display walls around the showroom to show of various components of the cars like alloy wheels steering wheels , … Continue reading “Acrylic Fabrication for Ferrari”

built up signs, channel signage

Candy Cart Signs

We had to produce a number of these double sided signs for a local sign firm , the signs are fitted to a candy display which is placed into a number of shopping centers around the country . The sign The sign has a double face with a 70mm built up return , the sign … Continue reading “Candy Cart Signs”

The Burning Temple by David Best

We were contacted by an event’s organizer Artichoke and artist David Best to see if we would be interested in machining a number of birch plywood sheets into patterns of course we said yes as we cut birch plywood all the time on our cnc routers so it was no big deal or so we thought at the time it was only when I got the final specifications did we realize the sheer scale of this project and the tight deadlines needed to complete it.

Birch Plywood candle holders

We were asked to machine a series of candle handles for a product designer which were in the shape of letters , this project was quite tricky as we had to use a couple of different machining techniques to get the final product right , we started with a good quality birch plywood and machined … Continue reading “Birch Plywood candle holders”

Custom Photo Frame

As our custom Frame designer is being updated i thought this blog was a good example of what a typically customer need to do to get a custom made acrylic frame. Susan was on the website looking for a acrylic photo frame as her friend had bought one from us was and Susan really liked … Continue reading “Custom Photo Frame”

Acrylic Flat pack displays

We were contacted by a large corporate company to produce a large number of flat pack acrylic displays which had to hold 12 individually business cards, we were given a spec sheet of what the displays had to do and the sizes they had to be within but the main point was it had to … Continue reading “Acrylic Flat pack displays”

Oak Scrolls for staircase

We were asked if we could manufacture a set of scrolls for a customer’s hallway , The customer Michael phoned us and asked if we would make him a set of oak scrolls for his hallway they were to match his staircase, he sent us a basic drawing of the scrolls he wanted and the overall length and height they had to be

led edge light sign, engraved acylic sign

LED Edge Lit Signs

            Engraved Led Acrylic Signs We where asked to produce 6 no LED Edge illuminated signs all with different company names and logos,  the signs we to be mounted onto clear acrylic trade show stands for a water pump company We took the company logos and etched them into 5mm clear acrylic … Continue reading “LED Edge Lit Signs”